Must Read! What Formula is The Best Dog Food for German Shepherd


German Shepherd has lovely large and strong feature which is similar to a wolf. Many people prefer it as pet not only because of its feature but they also admire the tan and black coat. The German Shepherd or also shortly called as the GSD is famous for its trainability and once it has recognized you, it will strongly devote itself to you and your family.

German Shepherd is chosen by the law enforcement as their support in tracing specific person. But many families who is active and love outdoor adventure will favor this breed. In order to maintain strong bodies and its muscular, every owner should know about the best dog food for German Shepherd. It has to be nutritious and contain rich protein.

The large built of German Shepherd support its activities and exercises. Meat protein on its diet will help to maintain the muscle strength while healthy fats is really necessary for supplying energy. According to research center, an active GSD will need a regular caloric intake ranges from 1,740 to 2,100 calories.

However, you should also realize that each dog has its own best dog food for German Shepherd depending on its health, metabolism, sensitivities and activity level.

The formula for best dog food for German Shepherd should meet the following benefits.

1.      Meat Protein

When you are figuring out the best dog food for German Shepherd you own, it should contain whole meat whether it is beef, chicken, lamb or fish. You should be able to find this at the first of several ingredients mentioned.

However, protein in dog’s dietary needs doesn’t always be fresh, it can be in form of meat meals. Meat meals is a process to make a concentrated meat form by eliminating the moisture of meat. The official recommendations said that best dog food for German Shepherd should have at least 22% protein when it’s still a puppy. Meanwhile, adults dog will need 18% of protein at minimum intake. You can always make sure that you have bought the right one to feed your do by checking the analysis on its packaging.

2.      Healthy Fats

Beside protein, your best dog food for German Shepherd should include sources of good fats. It all can be found on canola oil, flaxseed and chicken fat which also give your GSD additional health benefits. If you dog is still a puppy, you would need to supply healthy fats 8% for minimum intake. But, if your GSD is already adult, you can give it 5% of good fats sources.

3.      Carbohydrate

Carbohydrate intake in best dog food for German Shepherd can definitely affect its blood sugar. In order to maintain the blood sugar steady, you are suggested to choose in which has low carbohydrate. But, it’s also allowed to have alternative carbs which has low glycemic form like sweet potatoes.

4.      Enough Calcium

Best dog food for German Shepherd should be complemented with calcium to phosphorus ratio in balancing amount from 1.2 parts of calcium to 1 parts of phosphorus. It is important to keep the balance ratio since your GSD will suffer orthopedic problems if it takes too much or lacking it. You are surely want it to be healthy and free from any pain from bone spurs right.


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