Understanding the Prednisone Dosage for Dogs

Understanding the Prednisone Dosage for Dogs

Prednisone dosage for dogs can be used for treating the inflammation as well as suppressing the immune system of the dogs. This medication is actually a steroid. The dog body actually can produce the steroid naturally and it is named cortisol. The steroid which can be found from the medication is called glucocorticoids which come with a stronger performance than the cortisol. Now, it is the time to understand this medication further. (Read: “Rimadyl Dosage, Usage, and Side Effects for Dogs“)


How long can a dog live with cancer without treatment? This is a heartbreaking question which people will ask especially when they have a dog that has to deal with cancer. There might be some options of treatment which can be offered by the vet after all including using the medication. This medication might be prescribed but of course, they need to know the uses of the medication first. Prednisone is used for treating various kinds of disorders as well as diseases which can be found in the dogs. The vet can prescribe it for various conditions but it is used often for supplemental treatment. The most often use of this medication is for treating the Addison’s disease. The dog with this condition has the adrenal glands which cannot produce enough steroid hormones in the body. The medication is also used for treating autoimmune disease including lupus. The drug also comes with the anti-inflammatory properties which can be used for treating other conditions from cancers to skin diseases. (See: “The guide on tramadol dosage for dogs, side effects and contraindication“)


Well, of course, people cannot just give the medication to the dogs without considering the right dosage which can help them get better instead of getting worse. The dosage which will be prescribed by the vet will be considered from the condition as well as the weight of the dogs. There is no doubt that the instruction from the vet must be followed strictly. Nevertheless, people can always know the simple guideline of the dosage which should be taken by the dog in different conditions. The Addison’s disease treatment will include 0.05-0.18mg per pound until the dog’s condition can be managed. The dosage will be decreased so the dog can maintain the health level of steroid. When it is used for reducing the allergic symptoms, the dose will be 0.25mg per pound. The prednisone dosage for dogs will be different for other conditions. Meanwhile, the way giving the medication can be varied as well. (Read more about: “Knowing Constipation on Dogs – Causes and Treatments“)

Side Effects

There are some side effects which can be experienced by the short-term prednisone use including the increasing thirst, frequent peeing, increasing appetite, vomiting, slower healing of infection or wound, diarrhea, lethargy, behavioral change, and allergic reaction. When the drug is used for a long-term, there will be more serious side effects which can be found including diabetes, belly distention, Addison’s disease, ulcers in the digestive tract, Cushing’s disease, dry hair, hair loss, heart problems, or even a heart attack. However, people must not stop the medication immediately, because the consequence can threat a life. The vet will know the way for reducing the prednisone dosage for dogs slowly after all.


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