Top 3 Brand Reviews of the Best Dog Food for Huskies

Top 3 Brand Reviews of the Best Dog Food for Huskies

It is important to know and acknowledge ourselves about the best dog food for huskies. Both Siberian husky and Alaskan malamute will introduce you to some mischievous and demeanor behavior. On the other hands, the husky is well-known for its tendency to escape. Still, this dog is unique and has a very specific dietary need.

Special dietary concerns

The NCR made a report that dogs need a bunch amount of fat, carbs, and proteins. All three elements should present in the best dog food for huskies you choose for your baby. Other than that, huskies are susceptible to several health issues. The most obvious issue is the lactose intolerant problem. They also tend to process the food more slowly than other breeds. (Read more about: “Can I Give Pepto Bismol for My Dog?“)

Hill’s Science Diet Puppy Dog Food

Most of the time, dog owners find it difficult to choose which one to buy and give to the Huskies, especially when they are still puppies. All you want is giving them the best food you can find on the market. So, if all you want is the best food for puppies then the Hill’s Science Puppy Food might be on your list.

This food is great because it has small bites, the kibble size. Your husky will ding it a bit challenging to swallow and chew big foods, considering they are still puppies. Other than that, this food has a series of ingredients that will solve the digestive problems in your husky. (See: “Can dogs have strawberries? Here the safest ways“)

However, some Huskies will be bored with the taste and formula provided by this food. And if this situation is your concern then you can try to mix up the diet with other ideal products.

Nutro Max Large Breed Adult Dry Dog Food

The Nutro Max has devoted their time and experience to create excellent products for our four-leg kids. The company has a genuine intention when it comes to taking care of the dogs, especially for their diet. This product is just one of the proofs that this company understands what they are doing.

You may love this food because it contains lesser ingredients. It is said that minimal ingredients will make better food for your Huskies, considering they tend to have digestive issues. Other than that, this dry dog food also promotes muscle development from its protein intake since it uses real chicken. Also, your dogs will have a better appetite since the chicken is real and they love the taste of chicken.

However, there had been several recalls about the Nutro Max in the past. You may need to keep your eye out for some possible side effects.

Purina Pro Plan Focus Adult Sensitive Skin & Stomach Formula Dry Dog Food

The Purina Pro Plan is one of the best dog foods out there. It suits adult huskies since it also gives nutrition for their skin and coat. It contains all-natural supplements needed for your Huskies’ development. Other than that, it is suitable for the sensitive stomach especially those who have food allergies. However, some reports stated that some Huskies could have gastric problems after taking this product. Still, this is included in the best food for Huskies.


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