Tips to Train Your Puppies not to Pee Carelessly

how often do puppies pee

It is always fun and pleasuring to raise a puppy. However, there are many things to be done and understood to raise one. You also have to teach your puppies about a lot of things, one of them is peeing in the provided place. You probably have wondered, how often do puppies pee? Actually, the age of your puppies will tell how often they pee. If your puppies are 2 months old, they will pee every one hour to two hours. The older your puppies get, the longer the range time for them to pee. When your puppies are entering 4 months old, they usually can sleep the entire night without peeing. (Read more about:
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How often do puppies pee also depends on their breed. You can get that information in more details on the internet as well as the information about how to train an older dog to use a pee pad. But if you look for tips to train your puppies not to pee carelessly around your house, this article can provide you some.

Make A Schedule

By making a schedule for your puppies, it will be more helpful for you to train them and make sure when they need to pee. Bring your puppies to their toilet area when they finish their meals, before they sleep, after they wake up, after they play, and also before and after they get into their cages. This way, your puppies will not only know when they have to pee but also know where they should properly pee. If your puppies pee outside the time you have scheduled, then add that time to your schedule. By consistently and routinely doing this tip, your puppies will get used to peeing in the provided toilet place. (See:
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Observe the Signs When Your Puppies Want to Pee

By observing the times and signs when your puppies want to pee, it will not only able to make sure when your puppies have an urge to pee but also beneficial to make a pee schedule, just like already mentioned above. Whether it is a puppy who is trained for a toilet training or an old dog which is already trained, they will give signs when they want to pee. Such as scratching, sniffing, and circling. Those are the common signs that indicate that your puppies or dogs need to pee. Also, pay attention when they start to bark and scratch your front door. (Read more: Can Dogs Eat Cherries?)

During the process of toilet training to your puppies, try to always be close to your puppies so that you are able to keep an eye to them.

Give Rewards

Give rewards to your puppies when they made it to pee in the provided place. You can give them their favorite snacks or meals as the rewards. You are also able to tell them that you are proud of them with a friendly intonation. If you do this continuously and regularly, your puppies will get to know that they will be given their favorite snacks whenever they pee in the provided place.


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