The Safe Imodium Dosage for Dogs

the safe imodium dosage for dogs

What is the safe guide to give your dogs with proper Imodium dosage for dogs? When your dog gets trouble with their tummy, then Imodium can be a solution.

Use of Imodium for dogs

Imodium is known as synthetic opioid drugs. All of the opioid drugs are well known for the reputation for constipation cause. Imodium is a common medication to treat diarrhea in the dog.  The drug work slowly down into intestines and allow the intestinal walls absorb the electrolytes and water, and prevent the food from being pushed through the intestines fast. Imodium is an over the counter drug, but it should not give without prescribed from your veterinarian that agrees to give your dog with Imodium. (Read more about: “Benefits and Safe Dosage Giving Your Dogs Melatonin“)

Is it safe for your dogs?

There are some dogs that have certain types of diarrhea that able to taken Imodium but in another side, you also need to aware by giving Imodium as this can lead into potential side effects that serious to aware such as sedation and constipation that can severe and pancreatitis and bloat. Here is some instances condition why you should not give your dogs with Imodium.

  • You have dogs which are herding breeds such as Australian shepherd, collie or sheltie). These types of dogs may carry genes that dramatically limit their ability to the break down some medications and drugs type, include Imodium.
  • When diarrhea in your dog’s potentially caused by infection or toxins that usually found in some mushroom or bacteria of clostridium perfringens.
  • When your dog has other medical conditions, for example, liver and kidney disease, difficulty breathing, Addison disease, head injury and hypothyroidism which these things can lead into more susceptible side effects of Imodium when it is given. You also need to avoid five Imodium to your pets when they are very old or very young dogs, has abdominal pain, and vomiting profusely.

When these of conditions are non-relevant with pet’s situation, then you should call your veterinarian to know if giving your pets with Imodium is a good idea. Your doctor will give you suggestion and recommendation to proper Imodium dosage for dogs inaccurately. Always confirm the correct dose of Imodium to your veterinarian when it is adjusted to fit with your dog’s personal condition. If you worrying to give your dogs with home treatment giving Imodium, then you can also consider treating mild diarrhea in the dogs such as probiotic supplements, peptic Bismol, and others.  (See: “Gabapentin dosage for dogs, usage and side effects“)

The suggested dosage of Imodium for dogs Your veterinarian may be recommending different suggested dosage for your dogs as you tell about your dog’s condition. In general, the Imodium is given with guide 0.1 mg per kg and given 2 a day. For example, for 10 pounds of dogs, it should receive 0.4mg Imodium and for dogs that have weight 50 pounds, it can give with 2mg. Tablet of Imodium contain with 2mg and should be given for larger dogs. The liquid concentration of Imodium typically 1mg/5ml or 0.2mg/ml which means it is the better option of Imodium dosage for dogs if you have small dogs. If you have cats, neither remember for nor give this drug to your cat as a cat can be extremely super sensitive to this drug and can develop any excitatory behavior and agitation.


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