The proper Pepcid dose for dogs

the proper pepcid dose for dogs

If you decide to give you dogs with Pepcid, ensure you get a proper Pepcid dose for dogs to prevent any side effects and complications. Pepcid is over the counter drugs that common to use for treating gastric and intestinal ulcers. (Read more about: “Rimadyl Dosage, Usage, and Side Effects for Dogs“)

Pepcid uses for dogs

Pepcid is a brand for Famotidine, a drug for treating dogs with gastrointestinal conditions. The drugs work by reduce the production of stomach acid which it lead to help reduce stomach ulcers, gastritis, and acid reflux. When you give this drug, you should follow the veterinarian’s guidelines.  With the ability of famotidine to reduce stomach acids, it makes this drug also work to treat acid reflux, heartburn, and esophagus. Always follow Pepcid dose for dogs that instructed by your veterinarian.

Usually, a dog is given with Pepcid 0.25 to 0.5mg per pound and give 2 times a day. The computed dose of Pepcid should be given apart with 12 hours. Famotidine for dogs usually comes with tablet 10 mg and 20 mg compositions.   By consulting with your veterinarian, they can calculate a proper amount of Pepcid to your pet. When you miss a dose to your pet treatment, then it means you should give the missed dose as soon as possible. (See: “Giving Rimadyl for dogs – understanding the uses and side effects“)

How famotidine work

Famotidine is types of Histamine-2(H2) receptor antagonist that works by preventing the stomach acids production. As H2 antagonist receptor, famotidine attaches itself into histamine type2 receptors that found in the parietal cells from the dog’s stomach. One from the parietal cells function is gastric acids production, particularly the HCL or hydrochloric acid. When the function of these cells is blocked, then it results in the reduction of the HCL production. This process is well known as antacid effects. The facts from Famotidine, it has 9 times effective from the 2nd generation of H-2 antagonist, ranitidine and also up to 32 times more effective from the first generation of H-2 antagonist, cimetidine. (Read: “What are safe metronidazole dog dosage diarrhea and side effects?“)

Side effects of Pepcid

There are some hypersensitivity and an allergic reaction that need to be aware when taken this drug to your dogs. This attention will prevent if there is any complication appears. There are some side effects that may be appearing in dogs with Pepcid treatment:

•    Nausea and vomiting
•    Pale gums
•    Fast heart rate
•    Loss of appetite
•    Constipation
•    Diarrhea
•    Drowsiness
•    Restlessness

Ask your veterinarian to know the list of drugs that may interact with Pepcid. Pepcid is known has interacted with digoxin and ketoconazole. When you decide to give your dogs with Pepcid, then you can throw away your worry as Pepcid is generally safe for your dogs.  The overdose of Pepcid is very rare unless you give a whole of famotidine to your pet. When you notice if there is vomiting, rapid heart rate, redness in mouth or ears, and collapse, then it is important for call your veterinarian as soon as possible. To get safety Pepcid dose, follow the instruction from your veterinarian. You just need to get proper Pepcid dose for dogs and also the indications to respects with your dog’s underlying conditions.


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