The Difference between American Staffordshire Terrier vs. Pit Bull

the difference between american staffordshire terrier vs pit bull

American staffordshire terrier vs pitbull might be the comparison which people will make when they consider keeping the dog from the pit bull genes. Many people just think that both actually come from the same breed but there is actually a distinction between both dogs. Of course, there is also similarity which can be found so it is better to learn more about those dogs. (Read more about: “How is the most proper Tramadol Dosage for 25 lb dog?“)

Similar Temperament

How can you tell what type of pitbull you have? This might be the question which people will make when they are looking for the dogs to keep. Some people might not think that the breed is necessary but some other people think that the breed is very important for the dogs. In fact, it will determine the character of the dog which can be suited to the expected pet companion in the house. One thing for sure, people need to know about the similarity of both dogs which come in their temperament. Both actually have a friendly personality. Although there are so many issues about the bad temperament of the dogs, the culprit is the dog owners instead of the natural personality of the dogs. It is important to follow the rule for keeping these dogs for making sure that the dog can get along with people in the family including the kids. Both also share the same courageous personality and the strong will for protecting their owners. They are also the type of dogs with a high tolerance for pain. (See: “Things to know about metronidazole for dogs“)

Different Build

The difference of the american staffordshire terrier vs pitbull can be started from the different purpose of the breeds. The first one was bred with the purpose of the show. However, the second is never meant to be the show dog. American Staffordshire terrier comes with the heavier body. It is also bulkier than the pit bull. Its bone structure is also heavier than its cousin. The first breed will show a great performance when doing the weight pulling sports for canine while the pit bull will be great with the agility training. The female of both breeds usually come with lighter body weight than the male one. (Read: “The guide on tramadol dosage for dogs, side effects and contraindication“)

Which One to Choose

After understanding the difference and similarity of american staffordshire terrier vs pitbull, it can be the time for people to choose between both breeds. Both are similar in the temperament aspect but they are different in the body build. In this circumstance, the decision can be based on personal preference. There might be some people who consider the temperament of the dog before they make a choice. Since both have a similar temperament, their body build will be considered when choosing the best breed. Some people like the pit bull build instead of the other breed which comes with the muscle-bound build. Some people also consider the history related to the dogs. In fact, the pit bull served in the military during the World War and it will be meaningful for them to keep a dog with a great story to tell. The American Staffordshire terrier will be great for them who want the show or sports dog.


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