The Best Service Dog Breeds that Are Intelligent and Easy to Train


Are you interested in petting a dog, but still not sure what race of dog is suitable to be brought home? Do not worry because we will give reviews about several types of best service dog breeds that are perfect to be pet.  Many people keep dogs because they are animals that are very friendly to humans. Besides, some types of dogs can even give services to their owners.  And it is their humor and loyalty that is able to enchant many people to be interested in maintaining this animal. (Read more about: Top 3 Brand Reviews of the Best Dog Food for Huskies)

Of the many types of dog breeds exists in the world, these are the smartest and the most loyal dog breeds that everybody loves to pet.

Akita Inu

Akita Inu is a Japanese dog breed, which is large in size and has great hunting abilities. Because of these positive characteristics, this type of dog is often used as a reliable hunting dog. This dog has good balance and body proportions and has a strong body. In addition, Akita Inu is very calm, obedient, loyal and easy to teach. That is the reason why this dog is included in the list of the best service dog breeds that you can pet.

This type of dog has instincts as a guard dog and always tries to protect his family from threats. What much people love from this dog is the loyal, intelligent and discriminatory characteristic that he has.  

Siberian Husky

Siberian Husky is a fluffy dog which belongs to a group of non-malignant dogs. Huskies are even considered as very good dogs because of their friendly, gentle, active, and very pleasant characteristics. With all of these good points, no wonder that Siberian husky is said to be one of the best service dog breeds in the world.  

Golden Retriever

This England dog breed has an active, loyal, easy to train and very intelligent nature. In the past, this type of dog was trained as a hunting dog to pick up hunted birds that had been shot. But their intelligence makes them become multi-used dogs. They can be trained as drug tracking dogs, hunting dogs, rescue dogs and guide dogs. Besides being patient, friendly and always wanting to please every owner’s heart, Golden Retriever has become the most popular family dog in the world. (Read: Things to Know about Bernese Mountain Dog)

So, you do not need to bring this dog home. Golden retrievers are very suitable to be a companion for children. They are popular, smart, funny, love to play, and they are very easy to train, thanks to the intelligence they have.  They have an age range between 12 and 15 years.

Labrador retriever

Labrador Retrievers often appear on television programs and films as active dogs that enjoy doing sports. By looking at these characteristics, we can conclude that this dog is easy to train and is very suitable to accompany you to do various activities.


Collie is a very smart and very predictable type of dog. It has thick fur and is very loyal to its owner. Most collies are very active and will be very happy when they are near children. With a body weight of between 20 and 30 kg, the Collie can survive until the age of 16 years. They deserve to be said as the best service dog breeds in the world, don’t they?


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