The Best Dog Nail Grinder

Best dog nail grinder

If you find your dog goes ballistic every time it sees nail clippers, you may need to get rid of those clippers and replace them with a nail grinder. It is an alternative tool to cut your dog’s nails which will grind away the unwanted nails with an unbelievably high speed so that you do not have to worry about cutting your dog nails to their quick. The material used to make this grinder is similar to sandpaper. But, before you are seeking for the best dog nail grinder that you can buy from pet stores, you should know the advantages of using dog nail grinder first. (See more about: “The Best Dog Grooming Clippers in 2019“)  

The benefits of Using a Reliable Dog Nail Grinder

There are several benefits that you can get by using a dog nail grinder. First, it is very suitable for you who have unsteady hands and active dogs. An unsteady hand will not be able to cut the dog’s nails well and safely. If you have unsteady hands, you may find that a grinder is so much easier to use. It needs a lower level of precision to cut the nails. Second, it is perfect for fearful dogs who are afraid of nail clippers. It also allows you to avoid cutting your dog nails into the quick. Third, it can result in smoother edges. You can easily smoothen your dog nails’ edges so that they won’t be able to snag their nail on your lovely carpets. Besides, smooth nails will definitely look nicer, want them?

The Best Dog Nail Grinder

Fortunately, there are plenty of highly-rated dog nail grinders that are very easy to use will trim your pet’s nails without any problem.  They come with various designs and styles, allowing you to choose the most suitable one for you and your dog. (Read more about: “Top 3 Brands of the Best Dog Food for German shepherd“)

Dremel Pet Nail Grooming Tool

This is one of the most popular dog nail grinder produced by Dremel. It features a rechargeable battery and a multiple-speed grinder that allows you to adjust based on your need. This tool is very portable, considering the fact that it does not use cords that will make your dog getting tangled in. As has been mentioned before, its source of power is the rechargeable and removable battery pack.

UrPower Pet Nail Grinder

It is a perfect nail grinder for a fearful and sensitive dog because it does not produce any noise. It is extremely quiet with low vibrations. Another convenient feature of this nail grinder is the two grinding holes which allow you to use one of them comfortably for small pets like rabbits or hamster, and the other to treat larger pets. This device’s source of power is two AA batteries.


It is not too much to say that Furminator is one of the best dog nail grinders that you can easily find in stores. Not only does it come with multiple grinder speeds, but it also features LED light that will help you get a better visual while grinding your pet’s nails. In addition, it is also equipped with nail guar which will prevent the fur around the nails from getting caught.


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