The Best Dog Food for Pitbulls with Premium Quality

Best Dog Food for Pitbulls

No matter how clever your dogs are, they are still animals. It means that they will naturally eat the food you provide – despite its quality – when they are hungry. Therefore, as a good owner, you should try to provide the finest dog food with enough nutrients for your dogs. In this article, we will talk about the best dog food for pitbulls that contains all the nutrients your pets need.

The Dog Food Quality

Before talking about the best dog food for pitbulls, let us discuss the dog qualities first. For your information, there are several levels of dog food qualities, they are:

  1. Super Premium Quality.
  2. These dog foods use ingredients that have the same standard of health and quality used by humans. For example, they will only use chicken breast, instead of other parts of chicken because it has the least fat content. By-products such as innards, bones, and blood are no longer used in these products. In addition to carbohydrate sources, they usually include brown rice, white rice, and oatmeal to the ingredients. Some brands of Super Premium quality pet foods do not use preservatives.

  3. Premium Quality
  4. Dog foods in premium quality usually use animal meat such as chicken, beef, poultry, fish, and eggs. For basic ingredients, they still use carbohydrates like corn and soybeans. Most premium quality dog foods do not use chemical flavoring substances. Instead, they use natural products such as dry cheese, egg flour and so on to enhance the flavor.

  5. Grocery Quality
  6. This food is usually sold in supermarkets or minimarkets. Most, but not all, grocery-quality pet food uses rice, corn, soybeans, and cereals as the main ingredients. Meanwhile, the protein sources are taken from eggs, bone, blood, and by-products like liver, intestines, and other innards. These products usually use chemical preservatives, MSG and artificial flavoring ingredients. The products are not recommended for consumption, because it can cause long-term health problems

  7. Holistic
  8. These products have the same quality as your pet’s natural food. The ingredients can be included in the holistic category if in the manufacturing process, fertilization, etc. They should only use organic or natural ingredients. This is done to improve the quality of life of animals so they can live longer and live healthier lives.

The Best Dog Food for Pitbulls

The choice of dog food or dog food can certainly affect the health of your pitbull. Here, we have some recommendations for the best dog food for pitbulls that you can choose according to your dog’s needs

  1. Pedigree Wet Food Beef Flavor
  2. The quality of this wet dog food is undoubtedly good. Besides, it can be easily found in the pet stores. It contains various healthy nutrients and tastes delicious, allowing your dog to enjoy good, healthy food at any time.

  3. Royal Canin
  4. It is claimed to be the best dog food with premium quality. It contains more than fifty 50 nutrients which are needed by your beloved pets. It serves the right balance of nutrients to support the growth and health of your pitbull of all ages and sizes.

  5. Kennels’ Favorite with Wild
  6. This wet dog food has a very diverse source of protein. It is made of a mixture of lamb, beef, rabbits, ducks, and even deer. This food provides biotin and taurine which are good for your dog’s health. If your pitbull needs nutrients from various types of protein sources, this one of the best dog food for pitbulls may be the right choice.


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