The Best Dog Food for Labs with Low Fat and Carbs

best dog food for labs

Every race of dog is potential to be overweight, but Labrador has the highest risk to this. And like humans, obesity in Labrador can also cause health problems. Labrador retrievers are vulnerable to obesity because genetically a type of retriever has a deletion disorder in Opiomelanocortin (POMC) gene. Which will increase their appetite and make the dogs always feel hungry? To overcome this, you, as the owner, should pay attention to what the dogs eat.  Thus, the best dog food for labs is needed. In order to avoid obesity, your labs should take diet to eat low protein, low fat, and low-calorie content. And here are the most suitable food for labs that can maintain their health.  

Kennel’s Favorite 21% Expanded

This dog food contains low fat, low protein, and low calories. You can provide nutrition for your labs with this best dog food for labs. It has 21% protein content and 7.5% fat which is an ideal nutrient for indoor dogs and will not cause obesity even though the dog has a good appetite.

Another advantage of this dog food is that it can control odors from feces or dog urine so that it is safe and comfortable for the home dog. Besides, it is also rich in omega-3 and omega-6 which helps maintain cardiovascular health and increases dog immunity from free radicals.

Kennel’s Favorite Steamed Meat Rabbit

Fiber can help reduce blood sugar and cholesterol in the blood and help improve the function of the digestive tract. Fiber is mostly contained in fruits and vegetables. This dog food combines rabbit meat with fiber-rich ingredients such as brown rice, carrots, and peas that are good for digestion and are safe for allergy-sensitive dogs, no wonder that it is called as the best dog food for labs.  

Wellness Core Original Formula

This premium dog food has a sufficient amount of protein, making it perfect for Labs. For your information, it has an excellent ratio of protein-to-fat and a low carbohydrate level. Besides, it is also grain-free, making it very easy to digest.  

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Salmon Recipe

This dog food also has high protein levels. Besides, it is low in carbs and does not contain grain, corn, soy, or wheat, which are known to cause allergy to some dogs. The deboned salmon is one of the source protein in this dog food. Meanwhile, potatoes become the source of complex carbohydrates needed to provide energy for your labs.  This dry food is also rich in vitamins and antioxidants which come from carrots and berries.

Taste of the Wild High Prairie Formula

This dog food uses roasted bison and venison as its main formula. Like most of the premium-quality dog food, it contains no grain, so that it is pretty easy to digest. In addition to the fresh and high-quality meat, Taste of the Wild contains vegetables and fruits which are rich in vitamins like sweet potatoes, peas, blueberries, raspberries, and tomatoes.The best dog food for labs should contain low fat, carbs, and contain a high level of protein, vitamins, and minerals. Foods containing high fat and carbs will not be suitable for labs that always feel hungry and easy to get obesity.


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