The Best Dog Ear Cleaner to Treat Ear Infection

best dog ear cleaner

Pet hygiene is something that must be considered by every pet owner. Apart from keeping them from bad odors, maintaining their ear hygiene is also important because it can affect their health. However, many of us must have seen our dogs scratch their ears. Well, this could be due to the presence of mites or bacterial infections. Dirt that accumulates in the dogs’ ears will be dangerous if left for a long time.

To overcome this, before visiting veterinary, you can treat your pet at home using the best dog ear cleaners sold on the pet stores. There are various kinds of ear drops are sold on the market. To find out more, here is a list of the best dog ear cleaner that can be used as a home remedy for your dog. (Read more about: “Cleaning Your Dog Ears with Hydrogen Peroxide“)

Vet Otic Ear Mites

Ear drops for cats Vel Otic is an ear drop that can be used to treat a variety of complaints in your dogs and cats. Vel Otic ear drops have a chloramphenicol content of 1% and 20 milligrams of Ivermectin. This ear cleaner can act as a bacteriostatic that will overcome parasites in your dog’s ears. You can put a drip of it twice a day until signs of healing such as earwax in your dog appear to be reduced.

Healthy Ears Drops

Healthy Ears ear drops can be an option to clean your dog’s ears because the price is affordable and has good quality. It contains about 1% chlorogenic acid which functions as an antibiotic. You can apply this reliable dog ear drop to your dog three times a day. Healthy Ears Drops is powerful enough to treat various diseases, ranging from ear pain, itching, swelling, bleeding, suppuration, to inflammation.

Allium Drops

It is an ear drop formulated by Japanese Otsuda. This drug is very effective in treating ear mite disorders in dogs. It works by killing adult fleas as well as eggs in a very fast time, which is around 2 to 3 days. Compared to other brands of eardrop, this drug is sold at a fairly cheap price. (See: “Foods You Mustn’t Give to Your Dogs“)

This drug is very safe to use both for puppies and adult pets. Besides ear mite, Allium Drops can also be a solution to overcome inflammation in the dog’s ears. Every 1 milliliter of Allium Drops contains 2000 grams of Dichlorvos 200 and 15 milligrams of Trichlorfon.

Paranicol Ear Drops

The next ear drops included in the list of the best dog ear cleaner is Paranicol. This drug is quite effective in dealing with ear infections that occur due to fleas. Every 1 milliliter of Paranicol contains 0.02 milligram of Paramectin and 1% Chloramphenicol. You only need to drip it twice a day into your dog’s ears until they begin to show signs of healing.

TytarNis Ear Drop

This ear cleaner has a composition of 10 milligrams of Tylosine Tartrate and 1 milliliter of Isotonic Add liquid. This drug has often been used for caring, controlling, preventing and improving conditions or symptoms caused by bacterial infections.

You should drip 2 or 3 drops of this ear cleaner twice a day for three consecutive days. After applying it several days, you will see that this drug is very effective in dealing with various types of inflammation in ear tissue due to bacterial infections, such as inflammation of the outer ear, middle ear to that of the inner ear, no wonder that it is considered as one of the best dog ear cleaners.


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