Rimadyl Dosage, Usage, and Side Effects for Dogs

The Dosage of Rimadyl for Dogs
Veterinarian getting ready to feed a dog a pill

What is the proper Rimadyl dosage for dogs? Rimadyl is one of the human medications necessary for some animals including the dogs. In general, it is indicated for the treatments of joint pain, post-surgery pain, and any other similar conditions. The veterinarian commonly also gives a prescription with the drug for the dogs. FDA agrees that the drug is effective to relieve the pain and osteoarthritis in the groups of canines.

The Dosage of Rimadyl for Dogs

There are some types of Rimadyl given for the patients including the dogs. First, it is in the form of oral medication commonly in caplets and chewing tablets. It is easier to be divided into a smaller dosage. Meanwhile, there is also a type of Rimadyl to be injected or in the form of liquid. This one is more necessary for the dogs particularly when they feel really painful and not able to consume oral drugs. For the second type of Rimadyl, you need to predict; how to know when to put your dog down before giving the injection. (See: “Benefits and Safe Dosage Giving Your Dogs Melatonin“)

The suggested dosage of Rimadyl for the dogs is around 2 mg/ lb every day. However, many veterinarians recommend dividing the dosage into two so that it can be 1 mg/ lb, 2 times a day. To relieve the stomachache on the dogs, the drug is better given along with the foods. This way, the drug is also claimed to react faster.

The Usage of Rimadyl for dogs

The content of Rimadyl included Carprofen and Analgesic NSAID. Those ingredients are under the group of anti-inflammatory content that can reduce the pain. The drug is absorbed in the animal’s digestive system around 3 hours after it is consumed. 8 hours after the consumption, the residue is taken out through urine and feces. (Read more about: “Can Dogs Eat Cherries?“)

Particularly for the dogs, Rimadyl is more effectively given for the cases of severe inflammation within the musculoskeletal system. There are also conditions when the dogs must undergo surgery due to certain health problems. The drug is one of the post-surgery treatments. Anyway, how to tell if your dog is in pain? It is shown by some habits like the groaning sounds as well as the dog seem to be lazy to do its daily habits.

Side Effects

What are the side effects of Rymadil for dogs? Rimadyl is considered a kind of safe drugs without any side effect as long as it is given properly based on the right dosage. But it depends on the dog’s condition itself. Some of the dogs cannot tolerate Rimadyl and any other NSAID drugs well. For them that are sensitive towards the drug, they may experience problems around the kidneys and blood. Besides, the dog may be suffered from fever, nausea, vomiting, and in a severe case, convulsions. When seeing the conditions, bring your dog immediately to the veterinarian. Meanwhile, the drug also contains Carpofren that can be simply interacted with other drugs. (Read: “What are safe metronidazole dog dosage diarrhea and side effects?“)

Keep Rimadyl in the room-temperature storage and far from the heat and direct radiance. Don’t freeze the drug except it is instructed in the brochure.


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