Low Sodium Dog Food


For some medical reasons, sometimes dog owners should give their pets a low sodium dog food to maintain their dogs’ health. Not all high quality and popular dog foods are suitable for all type of dogs in all conditions. For some medical reasons, sometimes the dog owners should give their pets food with limited sodium content to maintain their health. Here is the list of some recommended low sodium dog foods along with its product descriptions.

Cardiac Canin Wet

Cardiac is a special diet for a dog which is specifically formulated to maintain heart health so that it can function effectively. This product contains low sodium which is beneficial for dogs with chronic heart failure. However, you should consult with a vet in advance before giving this product to your furry friend. Here are some health benefits that your dog can get if he consumes this product:

  1. This product has polyphenols substance that can fight free radicals and support the blood vessel dilation.
  2. It contains an ideal amount of phosphorus levels, which makes it good at reducing the risk of chronic kidney failure
  3. In order to reduce the workload of the dog’s heart, it is important to minimize sodium intake. This product contains low sodium but provides enough potassium and magnesium that your dog needs.
  4. In order to support the cardiac contractility, this product is formulated with L-carnitine and taurine which are good for maximizing the heart muscle cells’ function.

Gastro-Intestinal Low Fat

It is a premium low sodium food which is carefully formulated to increase fat metabolism. Thus, this food is very suitable for dogs with hyperlipidemia. Only a little amount of fat included in this diet food. Instead, there are a lot of essential fatty acids in this food that are beneficial for your dog’s health. These are some good points that make this food worth purchasing.

  1. It contains prebiotics, high digestibility protein, fish oil, beet, and rice, which are all good to give maximum protection to the digestion system.
  2. It contains only a low concentration of fat. It will be beneficial for supporting digestive function in dogs with pancreatitis or hyperlipidemia
  3. Soluble fiber contained in this product is at a low level so that this food is beneficial to minimize colon fermentation. It is also good in preventing the energy decrease and avoiding the negative effects of low-fat diet foods.
  4. It contains a sufficient amount of antioxidant complex which is known to be effective in neutralizing free radicals.

Earthborn Kibble Adult Vantage

It is a premium quality dog food that needs an ideal amount of sodium. It is made from chicken and whitefish, which are known to be great sources of protein. In addition, it also contains oatmeal, brown rice, barley, and rye. This low sodium dog food is a grain-free kibble which many dog owners prefer to buy, and it is ideal for a dog with sodium-restriction.

From Gold Weight Management

It is one of the most well-known low sodium dog foods suitable for dogs that have a limitation of consuming foods with high-sodium content. Its nutrient content is specifically designed to maintain the ideal weight of your dog and is suitable to limit the sodium intake of your furry friend. However, its price is often considered not to be so affordable for some dog owners.


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