Low Protein Dog Food


Some of the low protein dog foods can only be obtained by prescription because normal giving your dog a low-protein food without consulting a veterinarian can make your pet sick.

Have you ever heard that most proteins can cause kidney pain and skin problem? Do you know how important this protein for your dog is? The answer to these questions can be found in this article.

High vs low protein dog food

The first thing that you should know is the fact that a high percentage of protein in a dog food does not necessarily mean that this dog food is better than that with lower protein content. You should note also where the protein comes from. Good protein must come from good ingredients, such as real chicken or real lamb, or those which are derived from meat.

In choosing the right dog food, you should not just depend on the percentage of crude protein on its packaging labels. Instead, you should always evaluate where the protein comes from – not merely measuring the quantity – when you compare a dog food to another.

Your dog’s need for protein

Protein is very important to assist the growth of your furry friend. Besides, it is also needed to build the structure and immune system of dogs. But if your dog’s protein intake is more than he needs, some will be released into urine and the rest will be used as calories or converted to fat. But generally, it will not harm your dog. However, if your dog has kidney problems, foods that contain high protein are not recommended.  In general, you can buy dog food from trusted brands that match your dog’s activity level.

Veterinarians’ suggestion

Has your veterinarian ever recommended food with low protein content for your dog? Low protein dog food is produced both in dry and canned forms. This type of dog food is often recommended by veterinarians to deal with certain health problems. Some of the low protein dog food can only be obtained by prescription because normal dogs need about 25 percent protein in their food. Giving your dog a low-protein feed without consulting a veterinarian can make your pet sick.

Many people think that they have to switch to low-protein foods because their dogs are aging. In fact, this is not always true. Low-protein foods can be prescribed by veterinarians for a number of reasons. They are given when there are serious health problems, like diseases that affect the urinary tract. If you have a dog with kidney or urinary diseases, then you should carefully choose the dog food for him.

There is a product which is specially formulated for chronic renal disease dogs from the Netherlands that you may want to try giving to your dog. Dog Food Renal Moist Provet with the low level of protein and fat, and high-quality carbohydrates. Also accompanied by a balanced mineral content to maintain the condition of the dog’s kidneys.

A dog with a kidney problem will usually have a problem with anemia. In order to deal with anemia, you should give your dog foods that contain vitamin B complex. One of the most recommended supplements is Kennel’s Favorite Citrus which is enriched with vitamin B-complex and citrus oil that will help dogs improve their appetite and prevent anemia.


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