Knowing the Valium Dosage for Dogs

Knowing the Valium Dosage for Dogs

Valium dosage for dogs will be a piece of important information that any dog owner should know. There is no doubt that their dogs will be a precious family member. That is why when there is something wrong with the dog, people will try to find the solution including by giving it medication. Valium is the brand name of diazepam which is used for anti-anxiety. It is better to learn this medication further before giving some to the dogs.


My dog keeps attacking my other dog for no reason. This might be the condition which must be faced by some dog owners. They are wondering about the reason why their dog did this. It might be associated with the anxiety so people think of using this medication for their dogs. In fact, there are several usages of this medication after all. This medication is used often for treating various conditions of the dogs although the natural treatment can be a better choice for some conditions. They should try to treat the stress and anxiety in the dogs by performing behavioral therapy or lifestyle change for instance. The medication can be used if the natural approaches do not show the expected result. Besides for anxiety, Valium can also be used for treating epilepsy, seizures, and disorders of the muscle cramping, syndrome of irritable bowel, appetite loss, slipped disk, and other conditions which need anesthesia. (Read more about: “Kaopectate Dosage for Dogs, Usage, and Side Effects“)


It is important to talk to the vet first for determining the valium dosage for dogs. The prescription for the medication will be based on the condition as well as the dog weight. The common use of this drug is taken orally although it can also be injected in some circumstances. Nevertheless, they can expect that their dog will be prescribed with 0.12-1mg per pound a day for treating anxiety. For treating seizures, the dog should take the drug rectally with 0.23-0.9mg per pound measurement. This drug can also be used as sedation with 0.11mg per pound which will be given every eight hours. Different dosages will also be prescribed for treating muscle cramp disorders and irritable bowel syndrome. (See: “Understanding the Prednisone Dosage for Dogs“)

Side Effects

Once again, it is better to treat the conditions in the dogs naturally instead of using the drug. The reason is that taking the drugs can come with some side effects especially if the drugs are used for a long period of time. People have to be careful because if the prolonged use of the medication is stopped immediately, there might be some withdrawal symptoms appear such as anemia, bruising, bleeding, and liver damage. It is better to know more about the typical side effects which can be found from using the valium dosage for dogs. The dogs can get the drowsiness, reduced energy, and even sedation effect from the drugs. Other side effects which can be experienced by the dogs including the coordination loss, behavior changes or aggression, vomiting, slow breathing or heart rate, increased appetite, and diarrhea. People also have to remember that there will be a poor reaction when valium is used along with other medications.


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