Kaopectate Dosage for Dogs, Usage, and Side Effects

Kaopectate Dosage for Dogs, Usage, and Side Effects
Kaopectate Dosage for Dogs, Usage, and Side Effects & how much Pepto Bismol can I give my dog?

How is the proper Kaopectate dosage for dogs? In some cases of dogs, you may wonder, can I give my dog Pepto Bismol for diarrhea? Although the use of Pepto Bismol for relieving diarrhea in the dogs is considered effective, there is another drug that you should consider giving first. It is Kaopectate.

Kaopectate is also well-known as Kaolin or Pectin. It is a kind of drugs given particularly for mild diarrhea in the dogs. The term Kaopectate itself refers to the brand more in which it uses Kaolin or Pectin as the main ingredient. However, there are some series of Kaopectate that are no longer using Kaolin and they replace it with Attapulgite as the active ingredient. (Read more about: “How you know when is it too late to neuter a dog“)

In general, Kaopectate is a drug for anti-inflammation, mild antibiotics, and antacids used by the human for diarrhea and gastric problems. For animals including the dogs, this type of drugs is effective also as long as it is given under the veterinarian’s prescription.

The Dosage of Kaopectate for Dogs

The general dosage of Kaopectate suggested given for the dogs are starting from 0.5 to 1 ml per pound of the body weight. In other words, the dog can consume it around 4-6 times per day, a little bit fewer from the question, how much Pepto Bismol can I give my dog?

It is not difficult to let the dog consume Kaopectate since the drug is primarily in the form of liquid. The dog needs to drink more water during the treatment. Meanwhile, this animal should also show the signs of being relieved in 48 hours. When the diarrhea is still continued, it is recommended to give the dog the other drugs. (See: “What are safe metronidazole dog dosage diarrhea and side effects?“)

The Use of Kaopectate for Dogs

Kaopectate is only used for mild diarrhea and some other digestive problems in the dogs. Sure, it means that the drug cannot work well if the condition is severe. As it has been mentioned above, you may wait for the effects in 48 hours. If there is no sign the dog is being healed, this animal may need further treatments.

There are many dog owners who consider leaving Kaopectate for the possibility that the dog is not healed with it. It is basically a wrong movement. This drug must be given first since there are some dogs that cannot tolerate the hard drug. It is mainly if the diarrhea is indeed mild only.

Side Effects

Interestingly, there are a very few cases of Kaopectate side effects. Some of the dogs may experience a fever, weakness, thirst, dizzy, or fatigue after consuming the drug. Besides, there is also constipation when you give a more dosage. So, what do you do if your dog can’t poop or experience all of the side effects? Sure, you need to consult this condition to the veterinarian to find a proper treatment. (Read: “The Safe Imodium Dosage for Dogs“)

Meanwhile, the dog should not consume Kaopectate together with other drugs with aspirin, NSAIDS, and steroid content. It is because the content of Kaolin in the drug is avoiding the absorption of Digoxin and Lincomycin.


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