Jack Russel Terrier Personalities

Jack Russel Terrier personality

Jack Russel Terrier is a kind of dog that is very popular in England. This dog becomes a favorite of many dog lovers because it is loyal, smart, friendly to kids, and also spiritful. Jack Russel Terrier has a great ability in hunting and exploring. It is also a brave and tough dog that loves to play. If you look for small dog breeds that don’t bark or shed, this dog isn’t the one. Do you want to know more about Jack Russel Terrier personality? Keep reading!

Great Hunter

As it is said before, the hunting ability of Jack Russel Terrier is amazing. In the beginning, many people raise this dog because of its great hunting ability which is really helpful in controlling the rodent population. It is a natural personality of Jack Russel Terrier and the ability can be improved by selective breeds. Jack Russel Terrier quickly sees and scents the presence of small rodents, hunts them mercilessly, and ends up killing those small rodents. This personality can be a problem if you have a yard or garden at your house. Because this kind of dog tends to dig when it hunts. Make sure you have it trained first if you do not want your garden becomes a mess. (Read more about: The Difference between American Staffordshire Terrier vs. Pit Bull)

Very Energetic

Jack Russel Terrier loves to move and being busy so much. It needs a lot of time to play. Even though this dog is small, it has a speedy movement and great body endurance. This is why this dog can be a good partner for you who love to hike or have an adventure. Jack Russel Terrier really loves to walk and being active. So that if you want to raise this dog, make sure you have various exercises and interactive games for them to play. Also, make sure that you give it a lot of chances to be outside. (See: “The proper Pepcid dose for dogs“)

Smart and Tough

Jack Russel Terrier is a small dog that is smart and tough. It can think several steps ahead and plan its acts according to that. Jack Russel Terrier can quickly learn various orders so that this kind of dog can be easily trained. Do not let this dog in a passive environment because it can make them frustrated. It is important to give them various physical activities, not only for stimulating its mental but also to keep it happy and calm. Keeping Jack Russel Terrier being active will prevent it from having attitude problems. (Read: “The guide on tramadol dosage for dogs, side effects and contraindication“)

Have to be LedThe next Jack Russel Terrier personality is related to its great hunting ability and smartness. Jack Russel Terrier needs a competent and professional trainer or leader. If you want to raise this small dog, you have to act as a leader. Give it rules and limitation. If you do not, this dog cannot be controlled. You must not let Jack Russel Terrier has a dog syndrome where it believes that it is a leader even for humans. This will lead to attitude problems such as buffing, barking, and anxiety.


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