Is Human Grade Dog Food Necessary?


Human grade dog food is not “a must” or a “strongly suggested” product for your dog, but it is certainly one of the options that you can choose.

It has been several decades since the industry of pet food exploded for the first time. It was initially established in the mid-1800s when instant dog cakes made from meat, wheat, and vegetables were produced as the first dog food. Meanwhile, in the United States, the first dog food was produced and packed in a can. It was made of horse meat. And by 1930s, the instant holistic dog food was available in wet and dry forms, making it become even more popular. (Read more: How Will the Best Service Dog for Anxiety Help You?)

For several years following, these dog foods were made in very limited variations and they were very simple. There were not many choices like they are now. On the contrary, nowadays, you can easily find hundreds of dog food recipes from various brands. There are also many types of dog foods that you can choose. Each of them offers different benefits for your dogs. You can even find several quality types of dog food, such as premium quality, holistic quality, and human-grade quality. In this article, we will be focusing more on the human grade dog food, and whether or not it really is necessary.

What is human grade dog food?

Do you know what exactly human grade here means? And how is it implied to dog food? The answers to these questions can be found in the paragraphs below. There is actually no exact definition for “human grade” in the animal feed regulations. It is quite understandable since human-grade products are actually not intended to be given to animals. Something that is quite clear about the term is that human-grade food means the food which is edible for humans.

Is Human Grade Food Suitable and Necessary for Your Dog?

You should know that there is no single food suitable for all types of dogs in various conditions. There is also no absolute wrong choice for your dog food. The most important thing is your responsibility to learn and know about your dog condition and the appropriate food that meet his needs. In other words, human grade food is not “a must” or a “strongly suggested” product for your dog. But it is certainly one of the options that you can choose.

The Best Human Grade Dog Food

There are so many human grade canine foods that you can find out there. But to help you narrow down the options, here we have top three best dog foods with human grade standard.

  1. The Honest Kitchen
    This product is a dehydrated dog food which is made from natural, fresh ingredients qualifying human grade standard. This brand only uses natural sources of protein like real meat, and also fresh fruits and veggies. It is not only the ingredients which are classified as human-grade, but the process is also considered as fulfilling human grade standard.
  2. Ollie Custom Meals for Pets
    Ollie pet food is often considered as one of the most expensive dog food that you can find in pet stores. But it will be not surprising if we take a look at the ingredients it uses. It only includes fresh meals and other natural high-quality ingredients (e.g.: chia seeds, sunflower oil, fruits, and vegetables) into the recipes.
  3. My Perfect Pet Fresh
    My Perfect Pet is pretty similar to Ollie when it comes to high-quality ingredients. It is lightly cooked and uses only human food ingredients. The cooking process is also carefully done to keep nutrition in the ingredient.


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