How Will the Best Service Dog for Anxiety Help You?

service dog for anxiety

If you ever have a pet, you certainly know how fun it is to play with him and take him for a walk. But did you know that apart from making you have fun, pets also bring some health benefits? And a dog is one of the best animals that can be taken into consideration. In this article, we will be more focusing on a service dog for anxiety. (Read more about:Benefits and Safe Dosage Giving Your Dogs Melatonin)

How can service dog for anxiety help you?

More than other animals, dogs are considered to be in harmony with humans, both behavioral and emotional. While dogs are able to understand many of the words we use, they are even able to interpret tone of voice, body language, and gestures. As a good human friend, a loyal dog can look into your eyes to measure emotional states and try to understand what you are thinking and feeling. According to some research, keeping dogs can significantly reduce stress. Dogs are animals that are loyal and can help humans to eliminate stress, anxiety, and depression, and relieve the loneliness of their owners. Exercising and playing with dogs can improve your heart health. Caring for dogs can help children grow safer and more active or provide valuable friendships for adults. Then, are all dogs can be an excellent dog to relieve depression? (Read more: Can Dogs Have Bananas as Their Meal or Snack?)

The Best Service Dog for Anxiety

Here are the dogs that are believed to be perfect for being a service dog for anxiety due to their characteristics.

  1. Labrador Retrieve
    Labrador retriever is a very loving, gentle and patient dog. This type of dog is one of the most popular home dogs in the world. It does not need intensive exercise. Because of its natural good character, love children and friendly to other dogs, many families choose to adopt Labradors as their companion at home.
  2. Golden Retriever
    Millions of people own dogs. Dogs’ popularity is due to its loyal, merciful, gentle and loving nature. In short, they have a natural instinct to please their owners. With their above-average intelligence compared to the other animals, it’s not surprising that dogs, especially golden retrievers are very good at various obedience competitions and playing tricks, including recognizing your anxiety and their instinct to please you.
  3. Shetland Sheepdog
    Many of these dog owners say that their level of intelligence is almost the same as humans. They are usually trained to become shepherds of hundreds of sheep because they require concentration, as well as intelligence. Sometimes they can be rather careful of strangers, but very loyal and gentle towards their owners. That is why Shetland is appropriate to be a service dog for anxiety. This dog loves to be a human companion, after all.
  4. Beagle
    Beagle is a sweet and gentle dog. They have a warm personality that makes them very easy to get along with human, even children. You will feel very happy if you spend times with them.
  5. Poodle
    Poodle dogs have high intelligence and are very easy to train. They like to be among humans. It means that they will love to accompany you and make you pleased. Their cute looks and friendly characteristic can release your stress and anxiety. But behind his adorable appearance, it turns out that the poodle dog is also used as a hunting dog.


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