How to Treat Dog Allergies

. natural remedies for dog allergies

Allergies are not only able to happen to humans but also to humans’ pets, such as dogs or cats. When your dogs have allergies, some symptoms or signs will be seen. For example, they will have a severe condition to their skins, they scratch more than usual, or if the allergies are quite severe, your dogs probably vomit or have diarrhea. If this happens, you can look for information about what can I give my dog for diarrhea.

The best way to heal your dogs from allergies is by taking them to vets. But if you want natural remedies for dog allergies, below are several things that you can do. (Read more about: “Can Dogs Eat Cherries?“)

Get Rid of Fleas

Fleas are one of the main causes your dogs have allergies. So, make sure that your dogs and all of your pets at your house have appropriate treatment actions. Give your dogs flea medicines which are prescribed by vets to get rid of fleas. You are also able to search for the best way to get rid of fleas on dogs on the internet. Use the flea medicine even though you do not see any flea on your dogs. Because fleas are very tiny so that it can easily be missed.

Bath Your Dogs

Bathing your dogs is effective to relieve itchiness that is caused by allergies. You do not have to be worried that their skins will dry after a bath as long as you use a soft shampoo which is specially made for pets. Brush your dogs’ fur before you bath them because wet fur is easier to clot. Choose soft products and a conditioner that is oatmeal-based to effectively moisturize their skins. Massage the shampoo to your dogs for about 10 minutes and make sure the foams touch their skins. Wash and dry your dogs thoroughly. (See: “Kaopectate Dosage for Dogs, Usage, and Side Effects“)

Groom Your Dogs Regularly

If your dogs have long fur, consider to groom them. The vets and experts suggest that the fur of dogs which have allergies should be less than 5 centimeters long. It is because fur is able to irritate itchy skins. The itchiness can be relieved by grooming your dogs. Moreover, short-haired dogs are way easier to clean and given medicines for their allergies. (Read: “Benefits and Safe Dosage Giving Your Dogs Melatonin“)

Overcome Fungal and Bacterial Infections

The next natural remedies for dogs allergies is overcoming bacterial and fungal infections. Fungal and bacterial infections are usually diagnosed by vets. They will probably prescribe topical medicines that should be smeared. You also must give your dogs antibiotics to totally overcome the infections. The vets will also probably prescribe medicines to cure itchiness caused by those 2 infections. The medicines are probably including anti-fungal medicines and corticosteroids.Allergies on dogs can also be caused by foods. If you want to bring your dogs to vets, you should know the best time to do so. If your dogs scratch too often or more than a week, your dogs need to see vets. Make sure your dogs get a high-quality therapy or treatment to heal their allergies.


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