cephalexin dosage for dogs
How many times a day should a dog eat the drug?

How is Cephalexin dosage for dogs? Cephalexin is a kind of antibiotics to be given to many types of bacterial infection. Despite the human, the antibiotic is also known to be effective for dogs and some other animals. Particularly for dogs, Cephalexin is given in the form of oral drugs whether it is liquid, tablet, or capsule. Some brands produce this drug including Rilexine, Sporidex, Biocef, Keflex, and more.

When the veterinarian gives the prescription of Cephalexin, it is important to ask about the proper dosage as well as the possibility of side effects. But in general, the dosage of Cephalexin for dogs is as follow. (Read: “The Safe Imodium Dosage for Dogs“)

The General Dosage

Cephalexin given to a dog is around 10-15 mg for each pound of body weight. However, the concentration tends to be varied. This way, following the veterinary’s suggestions or reading the instructions are very important. Anyway, how many times a day should a dog eat the drug? the drug is consumed every 8-12 hours or 2-3 times a day.

Cephalexin can also be given with or without the foods. But giving it after the dogs are eating is much better to avoid the potentials of side effects. Commonly, the Cephalexin treatment takes from 7 to 10 days.

The overdose is actually not a big deal for the dogs, generally. But if this animal is quite sensitive to chemical substances, it is possible for them to have gastrointestinal problems like diarrhea or vomiting. Sure, in a case that your dog has experienced this problem, you need to contact the veterinarian. (Read more about: “The guide on tramadol dosage for dogs, side effects and contraindication“)

The Usage of Cephalexin for Dogs

Cephalexin is considered the most effective antibiotics to fight against the spectrum of bacteria particularly the positive and negative grams in the dogs. The content of the drug is able to break the bacteria’s cell walls without any further complications.

There are some conditions of dogs that can be relieved using Celaphexin. They are the staphylococcus infection, urinary tract infection, bone infection, ear infections, respiratory infection, E. coli infection, infection caused by Streptococcus pneumonia and Streptococcus pynogenes, rash, Haemophillus influenza, Klebsiella pneumonia, Proteus mirabilis, and some more. It is also considered given for a problem like: my dog is coughing like something is stuck in his throat. (See: “Knowing Constipation on Dogs – Causes and Treatments“)

Cephalexin is often given also as the preventive action to protect the dogs from heart valve infections. In the cases of particular wounds, commonly found after the fight against another dog or animal, this antibiotic is used to prevent infection and complication.

Side Effects

Before deciding to let the dogs consume Cephalexin, you need to tell the veterinarian about the other drugs given to the dogs. Meanwhile, make sure to share the medical history including renal problems, allergy, and many more. (Read more about: “Benefits use famotidine for dogs“)

Meanwhile, there are some common side effects of the antibiotic when it is given to the dogs; vomit, diarrhea, and weight loss. However, the effects can be stopped when the dogs are still eating well. In a severe condition, further effects are the rash and drooling. You may also wonder, why is my dog whining all of a sudden? In this condition, the consumption of Cephalexin may need to stop.


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