Housetraining Your Puppies

how often do puppies pee

So, how often do puppies pee? This is a very common question, the short answer is 3 to 5 times a day. But this is not the exact science, even every breed is so different. You should know that dogs could be housetrained in any age, however, puppies are able to learn faster than the adult dogs. Puppies are so cute so that most of the pet owners easier to forgive accidents, but the older and adult deposits were much more problematic. It will take a bit of trial and error before most puppies were used to be housetrained, but with a bit of patience then it will be so helpful.  If you are a dog owner who looking for answers on how to train an older dog to use a pee pad? Then you keep reading this article. (Read more about Knowing Constipation on Dogs – Causes and Treatments)

Age always matters

Each puppy will need a bathroom break after having a meal, playtime and take a nap. It is all depending on the ages and breed, most of the puppies will eat several times in a day. You are able to prevent by anticipating on when the puppies need a break. You should know that your puppies have the baby-size of the bladder and limited capacity to hold it. Usually, the puppies at two-month-old need to take a break every two hours. On three-month-old, every four hours must be enough. It will so different between breeds and bigger breeds will have bigger capacities. Sometimes, you might feel wonder on how often should you give a dog a bath? Because you think that your puppies are so fragile. This is also one of the most common questions. For the minimum, it is highly recommended to bathe your dog at least once in three months. You are able to wash your dog more frequently as every other week. (See: The guide on tramadol dosage for dogs, side effects and contraindication)

Here easy steps:

  • Making the right schedule. The basic potty breaks on puppies, mealtimes, activity level, and age.
  • Decide a location. You are able to rely on the scent warns to remind them what was expected. Whether you make an indoor toilet area with pee-pads, newspaper or you are also able to choose the outdoor area. Bring your puppy to the same place every time.
  • Put concentrate on their business. You can keep your puppy with the leash until he is productive or your puppy might play around and then having an accident inside. You are able to unleash for playtime as the part of the reward for its eliminating.
  • Tell the deed. When your dog starts to squat, then you can tell the cue word which identifies specific action. Ensure that all of your family using the specific cue consistently. After your dog becomes more productive, you can give him a lot of praise or a small treat. You do not have to wonder how often should you give your dog a bath anymore.
  • Always confine and keep watching . Your puppy does not want to stay in one place with his own waste, therefore using confinement could be a great tool to teach them faster.


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