Homemade Grain Free Dog Treats

Make the easy and delicious grain free dog treats at home for spoiling the dog.

Grain free dog treats might be a way chosen by the dog owner to spoil the dog in a healthy way. It must be hard to refuse the temptation of spoiling the dog with some treats. Nevertheless, bad treats can be bad for dog health. That is why people should consider the dog treat choice carefully. Grain-free treats can be a healthy choice but people do not think that they can really get the grain-free treat from the store. Besides, they also have to deal with the expensive price. There is no need to worry because they can make delicious and healthy dog treats which are free from grain at home.

Sweet Potato Treats

The first option which can be made easily at home is the sweet potato treat. There are only five wholesome ingredients which are used in this dog treat recipe. Besides the sweet potato, they will also use coconut flour. The treats can be made into the cute shape which will be appreciated by the dog. It is great that making this treat is very easy. More importantly, it is also affordable so they can make the treat in a big batch for spoiling the dog all the time.

Vegan Treats

Making dog treats will not be as complicated as people might think. There will always be super easy recipes which can be tried for making the dog treats. This vegan dog treat recipe only needs three ingredients which are all healthy. They only need to combine sweet potato, quinoa flour, and coconut oil which can give the nutrition balance of the carbohydrate which is free from grain. This dog food also comes with high protein content and healthy fatty acids. This treat will not only be good for the dog but also for its owner.

Popsicles for Dog

For grain free dog treats, people can try this dog Popsicle recipe. It is sure that Popsicle will always be a great summer treat for the kids and it will also be loved by the dog. For making the dog Popsicle, people only need to combine carrot and beef broth which is frozen in the freezer. This is the treatment which can cool down the dog in the heat of summer sunshine.

Coconut Delight

It seems that people are crazy about the coconut product recently. They love the health benefits offered by the coconut product. Of course, they do not want to enjoy those benefits alone. They also want to share it with their dogs. In fact, there are great benefits of coconut oil which can be enjoyed both by people and canines. Using the coconut oil for making the treats for the fur buddy will be a great choice. When making treats, people will also enjoy the amazing smell in their house.

Pumpkin Sweet Potato Treat

This recipe will combine pumpkin, sweet potato, and a little bit of honey. The treats will not only be appetizing for the dog but also the owner for sure. The dog which has a sensitive stomach or digestion problem will get benefits from the homemade grain free dog treats.


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