Finding the Best Dog Food for Allergies

Finding the Best Dog Food for Allergies

best dog food for allergies┬ámust be chosen by the dog owners if their dogs are really allergic to certain foods. The foods will affect the happiness and the health of the dog. Finding the best dog good is essential and it is getting more important if the dog has an allergy. When people are talking about dog food for allergies, there are some terms which should be understood before they go to the store to get a certain product. They need to understand the types of food which can be great for the dog with allergies. There are also some brands which can be great options. (Read more: “Can I give my dog Tums?“)

Limited Ingredient vs. Hypoallergenic

If people are looking for the dog food which is friendly enough for their canine with allergy problem, they might consider two types of dog foods including the limited ingredient dog foods and the hypoallergenic one. It is necessary to understand the difference between both types.

The dog food which comes with limited ingredients means that there will be few components which can be found in the dog food. It will be great to choose this type of dog food because people will be able to limit the specific ingredient which can cause an allergic reaction to the dogs. People can get this type of dog food easily because it is offered over the counter. There is no need to visit the vet first to get the limited ingredient dog foods. (Read more about: “The Best Dog Ear Cleaner to Treat Ear Infection“)

The next best dog food for allergies is the hypoallergenic type. The biggest difference which can be found between the limited ingredient and the hypoallergenic dog food is that people usually have to get the prescription for the hypoallergenic one from the vet. Although it can be bought online, it is better to talk to the vet first because many hypoallergenic dog foods use proteins which are hydrolyzed into the basic building blocks of the amino acid. This is the reason why the allergen will not be visible to the immune system of the dog so there will be no allergic reaction which will appear.

Recommended Dog Foods

People can consider Acana Singles Duck and Pear Singles Formula for the dog with allergy. It is a limited ingredient type which is made from various ingredients including the deboned duck, duck meal, duck liver, whole lentils, and whole peas. Compared to the common dry dog food, this product comes with protein which is above average, fat which is near average, and carbohydrate which is below average. This food can be given to the dog at all stages.

Merrick Limited Ingredient Diet Salmon and Chickpeas becomes the next option of dog foods which can be considered. The product main ingredients include the deboned salmon, salmon meal, lentils, peas, and chickpeas. This is the perfect foods which should be given during the maintenance stage.

The recommended hypoallergenic dog food which can be given to the dog is Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets HA Chicken Flavor. This product has below average protein, below average fat, and above average carbohydrate. Since it must be prescribed by the vet, it must be included in the best dog food for allergies.


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