Easy Steps of Home Remedies for Dog Ear Infection

home remedies for dog ear infections

Usually, ear infections occur in the inner or outer ear of a pet dog. It usually begins with inflammation in the outer ear area, which is caused by bacteria or fungi. However, the infection can also be caused by food allergies, trauma, parasites, excess moisture in the ear, and heredity. If your dog seems to have an ear infection, you can applyhome remedies for dog ear infection before taking it to the veterinary. Here are some steps of home treatment for a dog ear infection that you should do. (Read more about: “Basic Types to Identify Dog Breed by Characteristics“)

Understand the symptoms of ear infections

To recognize the symptoms of ear infection, you have to pay attention to changing habits in your dog. You should be aware when your dog often scratches ears, walk swirly, lose the balance and does the unusual eye movement. If these signs appear, you should check whether or not the yellow, brown, or bleeding stools appear, the ear smells and becomes reddish, and there is hair loss around the ears.

Treat ear infections

Ear infections are often caused by fungi, bacteria, or both at one time. The veterinarian will probably ask you to give medication to treat bacterial infections. For ear infections, you may be asked to use antifungal ear washers, injectable medicines, and oral anti-fungal drugs.

Limit your dog activity

When your dog suffers an ear infection, make sure his ears are not excessively moist. Do not let your pet dog play in water, swim, or bathe until the infection is cured. Excessive moisture will aggravate ear infections and make it takes time to cure. (See: “Cleaning Your Dog Ears with Hydrogen Peroxide“)

Prevent further infections

Once your dog’s ear is infected, perhaps he will continue to get an infection for the rest of his life. The good news is that you can do the following home remedies for dog ear infection.

  1. Plug your dog’s ears using cotton before bathing
  2. Sprinkle your dog’s ear with a product that contains salicylic acid. This salicylic acid will help the moist and wet ear canal become dry.
  3. Check and treat allergies that your pet dog may have
  4. Clean the ears of your pet dog regularly. In this case, you should know the right time to clean the ears of your pet dog. Follow the veterinarian’s instructions regarding how often in a day or a week you have to clean your dog’s ears.

Sometimes you have to make sure that the dog’s eardrum is not damaged. Cleaning the ears of a pet dog with a damaged eardrum can only make things worse. Cleaning your dog’s ears too often can have a negative impact on the health of his ears. (Read more: “How is Cephalexin dosage for dogs?“)

Apply cleaning liquid

Pour enough cleanser into the ear canal of your pet dog according to the instructions on the bottle. Massage the base of the pet dog ear for a minute so that the liquid is evenly distributed and shed debris.

Do the ear massage

You can use a cotton ball to clog the dog’s ears. Repeat the massage technique under the ear. This will push the cleaning liquid to be absorbed by the cotton ball. Debris will also stick to the bottom of the cotton ball.

Remove the cotton ball from the ear and observe

After done cleaning it, you can remove the cotton ball and check for earwax at the bottom. Use a cotton ball to clean the dirt that appears on the outside of the ear. Gently, clean the inside of the ear and its surroundings with a dry, soft towel so that the dirt is lifted. This is the last step of home remedies for dog ear infection.


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