Dog Facts for Kids

dog facts for kids

It is important to know about dog facts for kids. It is not a surprising thing anymore if dogs are considered as one of the most favourite pets besides cats. Therefore, as you can see, there are so many families which have dogs as their pets. Moreover, dogs can be a perfect partner for your kids. They will guard your kids and entertain them while you go to work. As there are so many kinds of dogs out there, it is important for your kids to know some information about dogs. To help you, this article will give you the information. Make sure to take notes! (Read more about: “Tips to Train Your Puppies not to Pee Carelessly“)

Getting to know about dogs

Dogs are mammals and they have various sizes. There are some dogs who have a small size and there are some dogs who have a big size which up to three feet tall. Besides having various sizes, dogs can also come from various breeds. Each of these breeds has their own characteristic and skills. Not to mention, some of these dogs breeds can be classified as indoor dogs and outdoor dogs. Unlike their natural enemy, the cats, dogs can be trained so well because they have intelligence. For example, dogs can be trained to be a hunter, a police dog, a rescuer, and a guide for the blind. Therefore, dogs can be a great companion for human.

Fun dog facts for kids

If you have kids and they want to have a dog as their pet, you may want to read these fun facts about them. Although dogs come from various breeds, there are common facts or characters that they have. All of the dogs’ breeds have very good senses such as smelling, seeing and hearing. They have a very good nose, about 100.000 times better, which makes them able to track something. Your missing things or even dangerous things. They also have a wide-scale vision which enables them to see in a complete circle. No need to doubt their ears because their ears are sensitive, about 10 times better, and able to hear sounds which are higher than humans. (See: “Can Dogs Have Bananas as Their Meal or Snack?“)

In addition to the first paragraph, the sweat glands of the dogs are located in between the pads on their paws. If you want to have dogs who have long lives, then you can choose to have small dogs because it is proven that small dogs have longer lives than the big dogs. Do not ever feed your dog with chocolates. Chocolates contain theobromine which is very poisonous for the dogs and can kill them. Lastly, it is proven that having dogs as pets can make the owner healthier and happier.

The conclusion? Having dogs are great for kids. The dogs can be the protector of your kids and your kids can learn to treat the dogs. It is also better if you take a young dog for your kid so that your kid and the dog can learn to behave together. Besides, your kids can also learn how to take care and learn about which of these food items are safe for dogs to eat? and how many times a day should you feed a dog.


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