Dog Breeds that Tolerate Being Alone

dogs that tolerate being alone

dogs that tolerate being alone might be considered by people who want to have a pet in their house but they can be too busy paying attention to their dog. In fact, there are some dog breeds which can be left alone although people still need to make sure that they give them attention and caring one at a time. Here they are. (Read more: “Benefits use famotidine for dogs“)

Bull Terrier

There are many people who think that the bull terrier has the nature to be an aggressive dog. However, the behavior of this type of dog will depend on its owner. When it is trained to be aggressive, it can be aggressive. In fact, this type of dog can be a perfect dog for the family. It basically has the loving as well as affectionate character. It also has the instinct of the guard dog. With those characteristics combination, this dog breed actually will not mind being left alone for keeping the home safe. It is a true guardian after all.

Basset Hound

The basset hound comes with the background for hunting. However, it can be pretty surprising to know that this greed actually can be easy going. If it is given an opportunity, it can change into a couch potato. It is important to remember that this breed has a more stable characteristic. It means that it will not suffer from anxiety or mood swing often. It will be cool for doing anything whether going hiking or left alone at home. (See: “Gabapentin dosage for dogs, usage and side effects“)


The next list of the dogs that tolerate being alone is the pug. The only thing which will not be loved by the pug is too much exercising. It is the dog breed which is naturally lazy. It means that it will be fine with anything else including being left alone. It will be happier to stay on the couch instead of doing activities outdoors. Instead of taking extensive walks, it will be happy to be in the owner’s lap or stay in the bed.

Boston Terrier

People might be wondering whether it’s okay to leave a dog in a hot car. Nevertheless, it will not be as big matter as leaving the dog in the house alone. The dog naturally has the social characteristic but some of them can tolerate being alone such as the Boston terrier. Many people choose this breed because of its small size. It also looks similar to the Boxer. This dog is also energetic, intelligent, and even-tempered. It will not be hard for this dog to stay at home without a human companion. The only thing to do is providing it with the toys to keep it amused. (Read: “Knowing Constipation on Dogs – Causes and Treatments“)

Chow Chow

Last but not least, people can choose Chow Chow when they are looking for dogs that tolerate being alone. Unlike other dogs, this breed comes with self-dignity and sense of independence. It is not the cuddly type or displaying affection type. Chow chow will be more like a home mate instead of a pet so it will be great to be left alone in the house.


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