Choosing the Best Gluten Free Dog Food

Get gluten free dog food for a dog with certain health issues.

Gluten free dog food might be included in the consideration of the owner who pays great attention to the dog. Some people have to avoid gluten-filled food because they have celiac disease for instance. Nevertheless, this type of disease cannot be found in most dogs after all. It is more common to find the dogs that are an allergy to grains including wheat. Gluten is the glue-like protein which can be found in oats, barley, rye, and wheat. There is nothing wrong to choose the dog food which is free from gluten to keep the dog healthy after all.

Grain-free or Gluten-free

If people think that grain-free and gluten-free dog foods are just the same, they make a mistake. In fact, gluten-free dog food does not mean that it is free from grain. Gluten-free dog food means that there is no rye, oats, barley, or wheat in the food. Nevertheless, there can still be corn or soy in the dog food. If they buy the grain-free dog food, it means that it will be automatically gluten-free. The dog food which does not use the grains usually comes with high carbohydrate ingredients such as tapioca or sweet potato. That is why it is important for making sure that people read the label of the dog food if there is a gluten intolerance issue.

Celiac Disease Risk

Most of the dogs will not suffer celiac disease which means that there is no need to follow the gluten-free diet for the dog. However, there is an exception with the Irish setter breeds and dogs which has Irish setter ancestor. It is possible that it can suffer the gluten intolerance so it is better to choose the gluten free dog food. It does not mean that every Irish setter will have this hereditary disease but this condition can be found among them. There are some dogs which are allergic to the dog foods which come with gluten or corn. Boston terriers can show skin issues as a result of gluten or corn allergies.


People choose grain-free dog food because they want to make sure that the dog is healthy. However, it does not mean that the dog will not suffer from the allergies after it is fed with the grain-free diet. Some dogs can have allergic reactions to the grains but there are some other ingredients which can cause allergic reactions to the skin such as dairy products and beef.

Top Brands

Now, it is the time for people to choose the best dog food brand which comes with the gluten-free specification. The first choice is Taste of the Wild. It comes with an advantage which cannot be provided by other brands of dog food because less common meats are used as the main ingredients. People can find bison, wild boar, salmon, and venison meat in the ingredient label. The next great choice is Wellness Grain-Free Dog Food which is offered in wet and dry options. The foods are designed for different dog breeds and sizes which makes it great as the gluten free dog food.


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