Can I give my dog Tums?

can I feed my dog human food instead of dog food
can I feed my dog human food instead of dog food?

Can I give my dog Tums? Tums is one of the medicinal products for the human functioned to relieve gastric problems. This problem has occurred commonly when you eat the wrong foods; the most common cases are when the foods consumed is too spicy and you are sensitive with them. In fact, whatever the causes, Tums is proven to be effective and it works well in many people.

But is it really necessary for dogs? This animal tends to have quite similar health problems to the human. One of them is, of course, related to the gastric and digestive system. You may question sometimes, can I feed my dog human food instead of dog food? Yes, you can but there are always risks including the gastric problems. (Read: “How you know when is it too late to neuter a dog“)

Tums for the Dogs

There are many cases where the dogs are relieved from the gastric pain after Tums is given. Unfortunately, Tums is actually not a really good answer for this problem due to some reasons. First, it is because of the dog digests the foods more quickly than humans. This way, some drugs for the human cannot process well by the dogs. The drug may not work well on them and some cases even show that Tums gives side effects to animals.

Second, Tums’ main ingredient is Calcium carbonate which is good for the human even only for supplements, so do the dogs. However, the amount of Calcium carbonate contained in Tums tends to be bigger than what the dogs should consume. Therefore, there is a possibility that the dog may experience renal problems. (See: “Benefits use famotidine for dogs“)

Tums for Mild Health Problems

Well, although there are some reasons why you should not give Tums for your dogs, the consumption of the drug is still possible in some conditions. When your dogs seem to experience the mild gastric problems and discomfort, you can just give Tums but it a very little dosage. It is only around 2 grams for 24 hours and you can see the reaction.

You should also monitor its condition after that and be aware of the dog acts differently. When it suddenly cannot easily poop, this can be one of the side effects. So, you may think about this, how what can I give my dog to help him poop or what can you give a dog for constipation? Sure, going to the veterinarian is the wisest action you can do.

Alternative for Tums

Similar to the human, problems like diarrhea, stomach pain, and others in dogs are caused by bad eating habit. Probably, your dogs eat something that they are actually allergic to it. Besides, it is possible also if the disease is felt after they are eating too much. (Read more: “Benefits and Safe Dosage Giving Your Dogs Melatonin“)

As the owner, what you need to do first is checking the dog’s foods, the expiration date, the portion, and more. Then, try to cure their conditions by giving them foods that are more nutritious. The portion must be noticed well so that it is not too small but also not too big. Commonly, the mild stomach problems on the dogs can be solved by repairing their eating habits.


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