Can dogs have strawberries? Here the safest ways

can dogs have strawberries

Strawberry has so many health benefits and served in many ways. However, it is pretty hard to enjoy the healthy food when you have the puppy’s eyes in your every bite. Can dogs have strawberries? Good news is your dog can share this experience with you. No more guilty feelings when you chewing the sweet strawberry. As mentioned before that your dog can eat strawberry – however, it is only in moderate portion and good preparation. You should know that the dog’s body is different with us, means that they can eat the same foods like us, but should stay away from other foods like onions. (Read more about: Can Dogs Eat Cherries?)

Can dogs have strawberries?

Of course, they can. The fact, strawberry is good for your dog. Strawberry has so much Vitamin C, fiber and other good natural resources. In long term, they can help to strengthen the immune system as well as overall body to your dog, even reducing the aging effects. Replacing your pet’s high fat and densely packaged treats with healthier food like veggies and fruits become one of the most beneficial things that you are able to do for your beloved pet. The packaged food contains so much fat, salt, and other additional additives which are not good for your puppy’s teeth. Thus, reducing the prepackaged treats and get more fresh strawberries in the moderation portion is a very great way. Although they are healthy, eating too many strawberries can upset your dog’s stomach as well. Sometimes you just wondering, which of these food items are safe for dogs to eat? Then strawberry is one of the best answers. (See: Benefits and Safe Dosage Giving Your Dogs Melatonin)

How to serve strawberry to your dogs?

It is always the best way to eliminate the stems because they can cause the stomach discomfort sensation. We do not eat the stems anyway right? Then you only need to simply slice the strawberries into small pieces to avoid any possibility of choking and help his digestion. When you just introducing this new ingredient into your dog’s diet, you are able to start in a very small portion. You do not want to shock his digestive system or can lead to having an allergic reaction. How much food should I feed my puppy? There is no exact answer for it because each breed sometimes can be so varied. Over the time, you can increase the strawberry amount that you give to your dog, but ensure that do not give him too much portion. Although strawberry contains natural sugar, eating too much are still no good at all. (Read more about: Can I give my dog Tums?)

How do you tell that strawberry bad for your dog?

The strawberries in syrup or canned form are not always good for your dog. They contain all type of sweeteners and artificial ingredients which can destroy his health instead of making him healthier. The same thing also goes to the strawberry yogurts, ice cream, jam and more. So, can I feed my dog human food instead of dog food? So, not all the human food is good for your dog.


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