Can Dogs Have Bananas as Their Meal or Snack?

Can dogs have bananas

Many people are wondering can dogs have bananas. Fruits are generally good food sources that will provide various nutrients and minerals to your dogs. But, you should think about what kind of fruit that your dog should avoid. This is because not all fruits are recommended to be eaten by dogs. One of the safe fruit to be given to your dog is banana, so here is what you need to know about it.

Giving bananas to your dogs

If you are asking what can I feed my dog human food instead of dog food, the answer is yes. Banana is generally a safe fruit for your dog whether as a meal or light snack. You should consider the food an additional food instead of the regular dog food you give. You can give your dog the peeled or unpeeled one because the banana peels are not toxic to your dogs. The best way to serve it is to peel it and cut it into small pieces. But if your dog walks away from the peeled banana, then you can give it unpeeled. (Read more about: “Can Dogs Eat Cherries?“)

The nutrients in a banana for your dog is not that significant compared to the daily dog meal servings. Therefore, you should know how many times a day should you feed a puppy or dog. Banana has a small serving, so it is probably best to consider it as a light snack or treat for your dogs. Potassium is the nutrient you are going for when you choose a banana. In addition, you can’t rely on this fruit if your dog is currently on a balanced diet.

Fruits, in general, contain sugar. Therefore knowing how many times a day should you feed your dog is essential before giving him/her a banana as the treat. Too much sugar will cause weight gain and it could also lead to various health issues. The best way is to follow the 90 to 10 rules where your dog should get 90% of their calories from dog food and the rest is from treats.

Serving bananas for your dog

Before you give your dog a banana, you should always ask your vet whether your dog is able to take it or no. Your vet will be able to determine the amount and servings of banana per day. Like mentioned before, the best way is to serve it peeled and cut it into bit size. This is the classic and a go-to way to serve a banana to your dog. (Read more: “Can Dogs Eat Peaches?“)

There are also various ways to serve the banana, especially if your dog didn’t like the classic way. You can always add banana into your dog’s food by mashing the banana into it. You can also play with the texture by making the banana frozen before you give it to your dog. Another good banana treat is to mix it with a proper proportion of peanut butter. If you still think about can dogs have bananas, then the answer is yes. You can also see what kind of banana serving your dog like the most.


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