Can Dogs Eat Turkey for Their Meal or Snack?

Can dogs eat turkey

Turkey is generally a nutritious food for both human and dogs. This is because it shares similar nutritional values with chicken. But, the question is can dogs eat turkey? There are various ways in serving a turkey but your dog is probably can’t eat it based on how you prepare the turkey. (See “Can Dogs Eat Cherries?“)

Having a turkey for dog

As a fact, turkey meat is not toxic to dogs. What you should consider is the herbs and ingredients you put along with the turkey, so how you prepare the turkey will determine whether your dog can take it or no. Generally, turkey leftovers are not that good for your dog because the usual way we serve the turkey is by smothering it in oil or butter with various seasonings and herbs.

The additional seasonings and herbs are not good for your dog because it could cause digestive problems or even pancreatitis if your dog has a sensitive digestive system. To be exact, the onion and garlic you use to season the turkey are the ingredients you need to avoid in your turkey stuffing if you decide to give the leftovers to your dog. (Read more about “Can Dogs Eat Peaches?“)

If you decided to cook the turkey plainly, without having the extra fats or skin, then it is quite nutritious for your dog. This is because turkey meat is rich in protein, phosphorous, riboflavin, and low fat. Before you give the meat to your dog, make sure that you know how many times a day should feed a dog to avoid obesity caused by overeating.

Side effects of turkey towards your dog

Before you give the turkey as additional food for your dog, you should be the one to know the amount and quality of food that is the best for your dog. Considering the amount of daily dog food and how much canned food to feed a dog per day, you can decide whether you can add turkey into your dog’s diet or no. (See “Can Dogs Eat Peaches?“)

Similar to the other poultry, turkey has very brittle bones, which is not that good for your dog. Brittle bones are easy to break and it might make your dog choke because of the small bone fragments. Furthermore, the fragments can also cause problems inside the digestive tract. Therefore, removing the bones is the best way to serve a turkey. If you have a puppy, then you should be more careful. Consider how many times a day do you feed a puppy before giving him/her boneless turkey meat as a snack.Not every dog can take turkey meat, therefore you should check your dog to the vet and see whether he/she can take the turkey meat or no. Although it quite rare for a dog to be allergic to turkey meat, it is worth the price to bring your dog to a vet. The allergy symptoms are varied from hair loss, vomiting, scratching, paw biting, and skin rashes. If you see these behaviors once your dog or puppy eat a turkey, then you should stop giving it immediately and make your dog have a cool bath to relieve the rashes. Can dogs eat turkey? The answer is yes as long as you prepare it properly before serving it to your dog


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