Can Dogs Eat Peaches?

can dogs eat peaches
Can dogs eat peaches ~ which of these food items are safe for dogs to eat

Can dogs eat peaches? This question actually is easy to answer because yes, they can eat peaches. Although it is a short answer which people are looking for, it is sure that they have to learn more about a few things before they decide to give this fruit to the dogs. (Read more: “Benefits and Safe Dosage Giving Your Dogs Melatonin“)


Which of these food items are safe for dogs to eat? We can make sure that the dog owners surely have this kind of question. They cannot just give the common meal for the dogs all the time. Sometimes they also want to give some treats to the dogs for showing their love. Many treats can be given including the fruits but ensuring the safety of the treats for a dog is a must. When people are talking about giving peaches to their dogs, they surely want to know about the benefits which can be provided by this fruit to the dogs. Actually, the vitamins, as well as minerals which could be found in the peaches, can be great for the dog’s health. It is great that the peaches come with high vitamin A and vitamin C content. The calories in this fruit are low while the fiber is high. Peaches can be considered as a good source of antioxidants so it will be useful for fighting against cancer and boosting the immune system. The kidney and liver function can also be improved by consuming these fruits. The key point to make the peaches as a healthy snack or a great reward for the dogs is by serving the peach properly in moderation. (See: “How you know when is it too late to neuter a dog“)


When people ask about can dogs eat peaches, they will also consider the drawbacks which can be found when they give peaches to their dogs. They need to understand the main harm which can be found from the peaches for the dog and it is the pit. They have to make sure that the dog does not eat the peaches pit because it is very hard. The jaws or teeth might be damaged when the dogs try to chew it. Choking risk can also be found in the dog tries to swallow the pit. The swallowed pit can also cause the gastrointestinal obstruction which is very dangerous. Do not forget that the pit also comes with the cyanide compound which can cause poisoning to the dogs. However, the dogs should not eat too many peaches because it can lead to diarrhea, vomiting, and gastrointestinal upset for the dogs. (Read: “Can Dogs Eat Cherries?“)

How to Feed

It is better to consult the doctor first before people give the peaches to their dogs because the dogs can have a different health condition. They know that the answer to can dogs eat peaches question is yes, but it is better to keep it safe. The doctor will also give them recommendation about the number of peaches which can be fed to the dog. Choosing the fresh peaches is a must and they have to make sure that the peach is free from the rot and mold. They also have to wash it and remove the pit first before giving it to the dogs.


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