Can Dogs Eat Cherries?

can dogs eat cherries

Can dogs eat cherries? This question might appear when people try to find the best way to treat the dogs. There is no doubt that the dog will love to treat and the owners usually want to give the best dog-treat. It must not be the common dog-treat. They want to give the healthy one so the fruits might be considered sometimes. However, before they make any attempt to make the cherry as the dog treat, they need to know more about this. (Read more: “Giving Rimadyl for dogs – understanding the uses and side effects“)

No Good

It is normal for the dog owners to ask many things for the sake of their dogs. They might also ask about how many times a day should a puppy eat. Nevertheless, they must not forget that the type of foods which are consumed by the dogs must be considered carefully as well. People have to be very careful with cherry because it can be dangerous for the dogs. There is cyanide content which can be found in the cherry stems, pits, as well as leaves. This content can cause the poisoning in the dogs especially when it is taken in a large quantity. It might be true that the cyanide amount in one or two pieces of cherry will not be that dangerous, it is better to avoid the risk, particularly because there are various other alternatives which can be offered to the dogs. The most common problem which can be found in the dogs that eat cherry is the intestinal obstruction caused by the pits. This problem is serious and it can lead to various complications. Even the fruit can cause gastrointestinal upset when it is eaten by the dog. So, it is better to avoid than treat. (See: “Dog Breeds that Tolerate Being Alone“)

Other Cherry Forms

can dogs eat cherries in other forms? There are various forms of cherry which can be found. For example, people might be familiar with the maraschino cherry which has a sweet taste and is often used for serving the drinks. It does not come with pit and sometimes stem. However, people must not forget that it comes with high sugar content and it will not be good for the dogs. Obesity or diabetes can be caused by too many sugars consumed by the dogs in a long period of time. Cherry without pit and stem sounds safer for the dogs but it is better to consider other alternative fruits which are healthier and safer such as blueberries. Nevertheless, they should consult the vet before giving the dog any of that. (Read: “The Safe Imodium Dosage for Dogs“)

What to Do

Now, people might be panic when they know that their dog has eaten the cherry. They do not want their beloved canine suffered from certain health condition which is caused by the cherry. There is not much damage which can be caused by one cherry or two. Nevertheless, they should pay attention if there is a sign of cyanide poisoning experienced by the dog. The signs are varied from the breathing difficulty to diarrhea. It is better to be careful after knowing the brief explanation about can dogs eat cherries question.


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