Best Organic Dog Food


Holistic or organic dog food becomes many dog owners’ favorite nowadays. They prefer to give their furry friends the best organic dog food because it contains maximum nutrient yet minimum chemical substances. Another reason why they choose organic food is because of the many advantages that it offers. (Read more: Top 3 Brands of the Best Dog Food for German shepherd)

The advantages of the best holistic dog food

Here are some of the many advantages that organic dog food can offer:

  1. Provides High Protein Source
    The best organic dog food contains a sufficient amount of protein because it is made from real meat without adding unnecessary ingredients such as flour.
  2. Maintains Skin & Fur Health
    The content of omega 3 and 6 fatty acids is good for skin moisture, thus enhancing the beauty of your dog’s fur. The content of these acids is also good for preventing allergies to sensitive skin
  3. Provides Balanced Nutrition
    It does not only contain protein, but it also contains minerals needed by your dogs like Magnesium, Calcium, and zinc. In addition, it contains vitamin K, which provides balance on nutrition.
  4. Tastes Delicious
    Because it uses the only natural and fresh ingredient, including the original meat, it tastes delicious and smells good. Even if your dog is picky, he will certainly love it.

List of the best organic foods

  1. Addiction Salmon Bleu
    Addiction Salmon Bleu is holistic quality food, which comes from organic ingredients and is claimed to be free from synthetic additives to maintain its nutritional content. The ingredients used by this dog food are all fresh, natural and far from additional preservatives, colors and artificial flavorings. Addiction Salmon Bleu is made from aquatic salmon which is known as a natural source of protein from New Zealand. Besides being rich in protein, Salmon fish is rich in omega 3 and 6 fatty acids which are good for the growth and the health of dogs’ skin and fur.

    Salmon is also known as an alternative substitute for beef since several dogs are allergic to beef, lamb, and chicken. Besides, it is also free from grain, making this holistic dog food become a hypoallergenic food which is safe to consume by dogs of all races and ages, making it suitable for dogs that are intolerant of grains. Addiction Salmon Bleu also contains Cranberry, Blueberry, and Raspberry which has high antioxidant content which is good for the health and metabolism of the body.
  2. Newman’s Own Organics
    Newman’s Own Organics is a type of food that is made of various different vegetables. It comes in a cake shape and does not contain Genetically Modified Organism (GOM) most of the materials used to make this food (about 70 percent of them) are organic and free of all chemicals, such as pesticides, herbicides, and many others.
    ORGANIX is an organic dog food produced by a United States company. This food is also highly recommended to be bought and given to pets because last year, ORGANIX successfully won the title of the best animal food. Like most of the best organic dog foods, ORGANIX does not contain other harmful chemicals.


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