Autism Service Dogs to Cure Autistic Children

Autism service dog

Many theories indicate that domestic dogs can actually help to cure autistic children. Handling of children with autism is a long journey. Parents are expected not to give up on the child’s inability. Instead, they must try to explore the talents and potential of children. However, exploring the talents of children with autism is not an easy task to do. In this case, a friendly autism service dog may give you help. (Read more about: Finding the Best Dog Food for Allergies)

How will autism service dog help your children?

Aside from being a human best friend, dogs also have an important role for children with special needs. The existence of this dog around your kids is believed to reduce anxiety and improve their socialization skills.  Some research found a decrease in behavior problems in children when autism service dogs are in their homes and interact with children. An autistic child may find unconditional love from a family owned a dog. And this emotional bond with pets will help him build interactions with others. (Read: Basic Types to Identify Dog Breed by Characteristics)

Another benefit of raising dogs is to relieve stress while providing an opportunity for children with autism to learn to be responsible. But you have to remember that it is also important in choosing a type of dog in accordance with the child’s characteristic. Or, you can involve your child when choosing his pet. This selection process will be a positive experience for them.

The Best Races for Autism Service Dogs

Not all kinds of dogs are perfect to become an autism service dog. Thus, in order to help you choose the right one, we will give you a list of dog races that are most suitable to become an autism service dog.

  1. Basset Hound
    The Basset Hound naturally behaves even when there are children around. They have never been violent and have never experienced mood changes. Basset Hound is very loyal to those who live with him throughout their life. Their characteristics match perfectly with autistic children who are not easily engaged with people around.
  2. Saint Bernard
    Despite its enormous size, his type of dog is very friendly and gentle with children. Saint Bernards have great patience and tolerance for children and are willing to be fun and always eager to engage in a game. They are very smart and easy to train.
  3. Pug
    Pug is known to have a relaxed and carefree attitude. However, they have high enthusiasm and love to play nonstop for hours, making them ideal friends for children. They are also good watchdogs and are very fond of their owners. In addition, they have very good behavior with children and are very tolerant of the rough games that children with autism sometimes like to do.
  4. Newfoundland
    The next dog which is perfect to be an autism service dog in Newfoundland. It has a large body with a sweet, loyal and patient character. They rarely bark, but they tend to look after their master. They can be relied on near children and have a very friendly characteristic. They are often called as a babysitter dog.
  5. Cocker Spaniel
    Cocker Spaniel is a cheerful but gentle dog. They respect authority and always greet their owners happy. They can play for hours and, with proper training, can be a good companion for children with autism.


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