Australian Shepherds Grooming

do australian shepherds shed
portrait of an Australian Shepherd dog

Do australian shepherds shed? People might ask this when they consider making this dog breed as their pet. The amount of the shedding will help people to make a proper plan for grooming the dogs. It is essential to groom the dog correctly because the dogs can be kept happy this way. It will also be important for detecting the pests including ticks. If they groom the dog properly, the coat will be encouraged to grow properly to provide the right insulation whether in the warmer or cooler seasons. (Read more: “How is the most proper Tramadol Dosage for 25 lb dog?“)

Shedding Amount

how often should you give your dog a bath? Of course, this question will be pretty related to the grooming needs of the dog. One thing for sure, people need to understand about the Australian shepherd fur characteristic. This breed has double coats. It means that the fur has two layers. The outer layer is longer and it can be considered as the guard hair. This is the hair which will shed after all. This dog also has the undercoat which is shorter and has the function as the insulation support. In the proper condition, the fur can help the dog to keep the body at a healthy temperature.


do australian shepherds shed? This question must be answered with yes. Of course, people cannot just ask because they need to make sure that they can give the proper grooming for the dog. They should brush the dog in regular basis for removing the outer layer excess fur. The mats can also be eliminated in both coat layers. It is important to ensure the insulating function and also stimulating the skin for keeping it in a good condition. For grooming the Australian shepherds, people should prepare a brush as well as an undercoat rake with the long tooth. The rake will be useful for freeing the tangles from the fur because it can reach the skin. (See: “Benefits use famotidine for dogs“)


Since the Australian shepherds come with the long hair, the shedding issue actually is normal but sometimes the owners are overreacted and decide something wrong for the solution such as shaving the dog. However, shaving will not be the right answer for this problem since the shedding will still occur. Shaving will only reduce the hairs length and it is possible that the hair will not grow back properly. It means that the ability for supporting body insulation will be limited as well. (Read: “Benefits and Safe Dosage Giving Your Dogs Melatonin“)


Less is more. This concept can be perfect for the Australian shepherds grooming. Besides brushing, people should also consider trimming to groom this dog breed. It does not mean that they need to trim the fur a lot. It will be necessary for some areas such as britches, legs, ears, tail, or the feet area. It is important to make sure that the trim is done by following the coat natural direction. They should trim as little fur as possible. If they do not think that they can groom the dog themselves, they can find the groomer to do the job. They will not have any question about do australian shepherds shed.


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