8 Most Favorite Food Names for Dogs


Recently, more and more people would like to name their dogs after food names. Most owners just love their pet as much as they favor certain meals. This factor encourages them to call the dog with the food name. However, some might think that their dogs have similar features with the food, so it’s going to be cool to name after it. (Read more: Foods You Mustn’t Give to Your Dogs)

It doesn’t matter what reason you have, giving food names for dogs is just rightful thus considered as adorable. By picking a food as your dog’s name, you may be able to have a trendy name and not too ordinary since not many has used it yet. You will be fascinated to search for suitable name based on culinary related especially if you are a food lover. Check this list out and see how it can match your dog in personality or physical.

1.      Meatloaf Doggy

This name may give you impression of an inconspicuous buddy who likes to lay down around to keep you accompanied all day. This food names for dogs is perfect if you have one who will be stay silently beside you while watching TV. You can choose meatloaf to call your dogs if it keeps lying around the house even if your children amuse it. 

2.      Porkchop Doggy

This food names for dogs is inspired from Nickelodeon show. Porkchop would be perfect for your new guy if it has small size, little and well-built feature. You won’t like to skip this name as it can be adorable and cute to calling in.

3.      Beans Doggy

Maybe your buddy turns out to left smell every time they walk in your room. Additionally, it has too good of appetite and eat like there’s no limit. Beans would perfectly fit to call it.

4.      Coconut Doggy

If your dog is actually energetic at some point that you might start to see it as little nut buddy. You can choose coconut as one recommendation of food names for dogs. the tropical coconut which has delicious taste is suitable to label him.

5.      Marshmallow Doggy

Maybe Marshmallow is obvious choice for your white and fluffy dog. However, do not afraid to use this specific food names for dogs even if your buddy has light brown fur. You can even choose it rightfully even if none of marshmallow characteristics resembled on your dog for you are too in love with this snack.

6.      Burrito Doggy

The burrito dish is strongly suitable if you have dog who loves to sleep and wrapped up in its blanket all day. Try to use a blanket to wrap up the buddy and see its reaction. If it looks like comfortable and adjust oneself then this certain food names for dogs is at your hand.

7.      Kale Doggy

If you love vegetables or even a vegetarian, you should give deep thought on Kale as food names for dogs. On the other chance, if your buddy especially favors vegetarian diet you served them, this name is also preferable.

8.      Pancake Doggy

Just like you would jump out from bed instantly when you smell pancake, you might become as energetic as much when your buddy wakes you up in the morning. Pancake is the right choice for this lovely and enthusiastic companion. This is one of best food names for dogs you can ever use.


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