4 Top Options for Best Dog Food for Yorkies


Every dog has different diet formula which has to be based on their physical features like size, coat and physical activities. Having Yorkshire Terrier as your companion might be a perfect choice since it has great character like courage, bold, intelligent, independent and confident.  As its owner, you should be familiar with its specific nutritional requirements, so you can decide which one is the best dog food for Yorkies. (Read more: Foods You Mustn’t Give to Your Dogs)

1.      Chicken and Brown Rice Recipe for Small Breed from Blue Buffalo

This product is enriched with protein as main diet of Yorkies. The protein is extracted from the fresh chicken muscles. But, do not worry since there won’t be any elements from the chicken. It only uses the extraction nutrients.

Beside protein, this dog food also contains flaxseed which is incredible choice to substitute fish oil. You will also be able to fill your dog with Omega-6 and Omega-3 fatty acids. While blueberries and cranberries will contribute antioxidants to nourish your pet.

This product can be your first choice as best dog food for Yorkies since it is wonderfully made of natural ingredients. The fact nutrition is very necessary to provide the Yorkshire Terrier with minerals, nutrients and vitamins.

2.      Appalchian Valley Small Breed – Canine Formula with Venison and Garbanzo Beans from Taste of the Wild

This product is not only made of one source of protein but several kinds of them. It is consisted of lamb, duck, ocean fish and egg which are not only rich of protein but also main source of probiotic fibers and prebiotic. This dog food will supply your pet with optima amino acid nutrition which is needed for balance diet.

This product is considered as best dog food for Yorkies because it has great amount of venison protein. This is essential ingredient picked specially to match Yorkies digest system. The company maker of this dog food chooses to produce the kibble in small size which is a good consideration. The small size will ease Yorkies to manage and eat them.

3.      Deboned Turkey and Oatmeal Recipe for Small Breed from Wellness

You can fulfill dietary needs for your pet with this specific best dog food for Yorkies. This product has all natural ingredients that would maintain its vitality and healthy coat. It contains deboned turkey, salmon meal, chicken meal, ground brown rice, ground barley, oatmeal and rye flour.

Beside those ingredients, other nutrients are also added from sweet potatoes, chicken fat, spinach, apples and blueberries.  You don’t need to worry about vitamin because this dog food is enriched with vitamin A, vitamin E and beta carotene. This product is designed to be manageable for Yorkies with small size.

4.      Chicken, Duck Meal, Chicken Meal Formula for Small Breed from Natural Balance – Original Ultra Whole Body Health

As you can find at the first main ingredients on the packaging, this product is combination of duck and chicken. This best dog food for Yorkies will be definitely loved because of its taste.The dog food is measured carefully as healthy choice since it doesn’t comprise of artificial colors and flavors. This product is also gluten free makes it perfect to be chosen as best dog food for Yorkies


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